Custard Pie with Pine Nuts & Almonds

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  1. Sandy Dino
    Sandy Dino says:

    After tasting something like this on vacation I scoured the internet to find the recipe. Your recipe sounded the closest, so I tried it. Your conversion from grams to cups for the flour is double what it should be, so the crust was very dry with only 4 egg yolks for liquid. I added approximately 6 tblsp of ice water. It then made double the amount of crust needed, I used one piece and froze the other. The custard seems okay and it filled the crust nicely, tasted good.

  2. Riccardo
    Riccardo says:

    I’m glad that everything came out well at the end. Our conversion from grams to cups for the flour seems to be fine. 500 grams are indeed4 Cup US.

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