Main Courses

Gnudi – “naked” ricotta and spinach dumplings

These are called "naked" dumplings since they are like ricotta and spinach ravioli without their pasta "clothing". They are easy to make and delicious!
February 26, 2017/by Riccardo

Chicken or turkey breast rolls

Chicken or turkey breast fillets are filled, rolled up and cooked to make a succulent, interesting dish.
October 20, 2016/by Riccardo

Sformato ~ Soufflé-like Vegetable Flans

Italian soufflés are more rustic and forgiving than their French cousins. They do not have to be eaten when just risen.In fact they are easier to cut and serve when they have cooled down a little.
November 1, 2010/by Riccardo
Guinea Fowl with Walnuts and Grape Juice recipe

Guinea Fowl with Walnuts and Grape Juice

This is a great dish for the autumn, with the nuts adding texture and the just-harvested grapes adding a smooth sweetness.
September 27, 2010/by Riccardo

Stuffed Round Zucchini/Courgettes

This recipe looks particularly good made with the cute round zucchini, but is equally tasty made with the long variety. Remember to be careful to reduce cooking times if your zucchini are small.
July 23, 2010/by Riccardo

Chicken in a rich herb, olive and vegetable sauce

The hint of orange rind and the tang of the olives make this chicken dish very special.
April 30, 2010/by Riccardo

Polpettone ~ Tuscan Meatloaf

This dish is colourful, moist, flavoursome and very comforting.
April 7, 2010/by Riccardo

Herby Roast Beef

At our cooking classes in Tuscany we always have plenty of fresh herbs in the garden. It's useful to have a few pots on your kitchen window sill to jazz up any dish. The herbs really take this simple classic to another level. Completely different from any roast beef you’ve had!
April 3, 2010/by Riccardo

Salt Cod in a Tomatoey Sauce

This is the classic way to prepare salted cod, but you can use any firm-fleshed fresh white fish.
March 4, 2010/by Riccardo

Stracotto ~ Tuscan “Overcooked” Beef

The vegetables in this slow cooked dish produce a velvety-textured sauce which goes perfectly with the tender meat.
March 2, 2010/by Riccardo

Aubergine/eggplant parmigiana

This Italian restaurant classic is a little time-consuming (the grilled eggplant takes a while) but your guests will tell you that it is well worth all the effort.
February 14, 2010/by Riccardo

Herby turkey breast cooked in milk

This is our family dish which has been passed down through the generations and adapted a little. A butterflied turkey breast is stuffed with herbs and grapes, rolled up and tied and cooked in milk.
February 9, 2010/by Riccardo

Herby pork stew

The white wine, stock and slow cooking make the pieces of pork really melt in your mouth.
February 1, 2010/by Riccardo

Arista -Tuscan-style roast pork

this is one of the classic tuscan roast meat dishes, herby and succulent.
January 23, 2010/by Riccardo

Stuffed artichokes

You can use the filling here to fill other vegetables, such as peppers, zucchini etc.
January 11, 2010/by Riccardo

Torta salata di verdure – Italian vegetable quiche

Use what you have around! Italians love quiches and love using all sorts of leftovers in them. A classic is sautéd spinach with plenty of nutmeg.
January 3, 2010/by Riccardo

Pollo ai semi di finocchio
Chicken with fennel seeds

An aromatic, original twist on a simple dish.
January 3, 2010/by Riccardo

Fennel gratin

A simple yet delicious way to prepare this nutritious and aromatic vegetable.
January 2, 2010/by Riccardo

Cardoons in a tomato sauce

Cardoon grows everywhere and is from the same family as the artichoke and as well as being nutritious (plenty of potassium, calcium and iron) is incredibly tasty.
January 2, 2010/by Riccardo