Fresh Egg Pasta

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  1. Vivienne Denton
    Vivienne Denton says:

    Matt and I tried this recipe out with our new pasta maker. Very successful. We used pasta flour, as we thought it’s probably the closest we could get to the type 0 Italian flour. We were a bit anxious about the consistency of the dough – the outside went quite dry and cracked, and as we rolled it out the middle of the dough stretched further than the outsides, leaving our dough sheets rippled. However, we perservered and once we’d dried and cooked it all, it came out beautiful, soft and smooth and very tasty.

  2. Bella and Zak
    Bella and Zak says:

    I made this with my 4 year old son. We didn’t have any special flour and had hot sticky hands (his not mine) but it turned out very well. We rolled it really thin and used the tagliatelle cutters on the pasta machine. We cooked it after drying it for an hour. It didn’t stick and looked really professional!
    We served it with fresh pesto and salad. We also used an extra bit of the dough to make mini dough balls and cooked them in the oven.

  3. Karen
    Karen says:

    Wonderful! Turned out perfect! I used Durham flour and my pasta machine-dinner is almost ready and my husband is more than ready– he is the Pasta Perfect judge!

    Thank you!

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