10 disgruntled reviews of Florence on TripAdvisor

For centuries Florence has attracted visitors who have been stunned by its beauty… well, not everyone. Read these comments found on TripAdvisor and you’ll realize that a few of us are immune to Stendhal syndrome.

  • “...just a girl standing in a seashell with her hand on her ha’penny.”

    Botticelli’s birth of Venus at the Uffizi gallery

  • "We have parks in our city that are prettier than this place.”

    The Boboli Gardens

  • “It is an asymetrical statue with oversized head unharmonius form and bland eyes... !”

    Michelangelo’s David at the Accademia

  • “If you want to look at 500 year old paintings of angels and cherubs and be bored to death...”

    The Uffizi gallery

  • “Very big and spacious, but very little content inside.”

    Santa Maria Novella

  • “... mostly unfinished statues which I think can be passed by quickly,”

    Michelangelo’s prisoners at the Accademia

  • “I think the Uffizi would be great if you‘re an art lover. If you’re not, skip it.”

    The Uffizi gallery

  • “This was built with size in mind and not quality.”

    Santa Croce

  • “...endless paintings of Jesus that all look the same.”

    The Uffizi gallery

  • “It is just one of many Baptisteries.”

    Florence Baptistery

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    • Riccardo
      Riccardo says:

      These are indeed special places, Anne. But sometimes people get overwhelmed by cues, heat, tiredness, crowd, jet lag, and can’t see the beauty in front of them.


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