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At our cooking school in Tuscany, we’ll use fresh local produce to cook all sorts of dishes. During our week-long course, we’ll pick the best of the season’s crop to make dishes such as a refreshing bell pepper soup, fresh egg pasta with a hearty ragù, creamy baked squash gnocchi and pear and fig tatin.

Up until only a few decades ago, Italian cuisine was almost exclusively regional, with basil pesto only being served in Liguria, the bread and vegetable soup called ribollita in Tuscany and the wonderful eggplant dish named caponata in Sicily, and so on. Nowadays these dishes are served in restaurants and homes all over Italy and known all over the world.

At our cooking school, we teach you dishes which have their origins in Tuscany, such as pappa al pomodoro (a lovely tomato, bread and basil soup) and baccalà alla livornese (codfish with a light tomato and herb sauce). We also teach you important techniques from other Italian regions, such as how to make risotto (from the north of Italy) and fresh pasta (from neighbouring Emilia Romagna) from scratch.

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