Fruit Bavaroise

This is a great summer dessert which is light, fruity, fresh and refreshing!


  • 500 g strawberries/peaches/apricots
  • 1 lemon or lime
  • 100150g sugar (depending on the sweetness of the fruit)
  • 500 g fresh cream, yogurt or a combination of the two
  • 5 sheets of leaf gelatin


  1. Soak the leaf gelatin in cold water until it is soft.
  2. Wash the fruit and blend it with the lime or lemon juice and the sugar.
  3. Melt the gelatin in 2 tablespoons of water in a pan on a very low heat, then blend into the fruit.
  4. Whip the cream, adding some sugar if the fruit is still too acidic.
  5. Fold the cream into the fruit, using sweeping movements from the bottom to the top, mixing well while taking care to keep it all fluffy.
  6. Lightly oil the mould with almond oil or another mild oil. Pour the mixture into it. Tap the mould a little to release any trapped bubble and leave in the fridge for 4 hours (less time is needed if in small individual moulds).
  7. When you serve it, take the mould out of the fridge and turn it upside down onto a plate. If it does not come out, tap gently or place for a few seconds in hot water.


this dessert works very well prepared the day before you serve it. You can decorate the bavaresi by adding a very fine layer of gelatin on top and placing mint leaves, flowers, strawberries etc on it.

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