Taralli are a delicious little ring-shaped cracker-type snack, like a crispy micro-bagel. Also like a bagel, they are boiled, then baked.

Stuffed calamari

Although some people may be squeamish about calamari (squid), you should really give them a chance. They are really tasty and versatile.

Potato and squash tortelli

This filled pasta is hearty fare from the mountains. The sage and butter sauce is delicate enough to let the subtle flavours shine.

Coffee, the finest organic suspension ever devised – Star Trek: Voyager

Not a single coffee bean is produced in Italy (you need a cool to warm tropical climate and a high altitude), but when you mention the drink, one of the countries that immediately springs to mind is the Bel paese and its espresso and cappuccino.

The many meanings of a seemingly simple word. Prego!

if all you need is to learn some “survival Italian” to help you through a trip, some seemingly simple words can be confusing. “Prego” is one of them.

Cipolla di Certaldo – Certaldo’s centuries-old onion

Our closest town is Certaldo and is home to the “Cipolla di Certaldo” (Certaldo onion) SlowFood presidium.

The vegetarian population is growing fast in Italy: and they have so many delicious options!

Italy is now the country in the European Union with the largest proportion of vegetarians: a 2015 report puts the figure at 10%.

The “secret” passageway above the Ponte Vecchio

Vasari built a Corridor for Cosimo I, in order to join between the political and administrative center of Palazzo Vecchio with the private dwelling of the Medici across the river.

Our love affair with kabocha (aka green hokkaido)

This squash variety was introduced to Japan in the 16th Century by Portuguese traders who brought the vegetable from Cambodia. It is now widely used in Japan in tempura and elegant Kyoto cuisine. And luckily for its fans, it is now grown all over the world.